The Future of Employer Branding Report 2024

This report goes beyond the surface, featuring commentary from top-class experts, providing an in-depth analysis of the changing dynamics in the EB world over the past year.

Whether you’re seeking to understand the nuances of global challenges, track the evolution of EVP, grasp the significance of strategic planning, or stay abreast of the latest trends in AI and measurement metrics, our report has you covered. Elevate your understanding of Employer Branding to new heights and anticipate trends for 2024. 

Discover more by reading the expert opinions from Capgemini, Danone, Mondelez and many others!

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The Future of Employer Branding Report
The most common needs of the clients are:

  1. “We want to know what trends to expect in the future of employer branding so that we can adjust our strategy accordingly.”
  2. “We need guidance what key EVP pillars different industries choose, what major eb challenges companies face and what promo channels to invest in.”
  3. “We need a tool to help us make data-driven decisions and achieve our company’s strategic business goals.”

How to use it:

  1. Download the report and study it carefully. You will find lots of relevant data, statistics inside.
  2. Feel free to use the report data when presenting your business case to the management team.
  3. Get inspired by the reviews given by EB professionals from different sectors and corners of the world.