Sheets to work with Google Analytics data

Would you like to get some insights from your Google Analytics data? Would you like to have a closer look at your figures and get the most out of them? See how your users behave on your career website, analyze it over time and learn more about practical Google Analytics use.


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Career website: Google Analytics data charts.

The most common needs clients using this product have:

  1. “We want to analyse the traffic on our career website.”
  2. “We want to optimize our career webpage, but don’t know how our users behave.”
  3. “We want to increase our conversion, but need data to analyze what to focus on.”

How to use that:

  1. Download the sheet and read it carefully. You will find the details and instructions inside. If you need help, reach out to us.
  2. Fill out all necessary tables.
  3. Update the file regularly and put data as often as possible.

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