Candidate experience survey template

What do candidates think of your company and the recruitment process? How effective, efficient and transparent is it? Is your target group experience in line with what you want it to be? Make your decisions data-driven and measure your candidate experience with our easy yet informative survey!

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The most common questions clients using this product have:

  1. “We are starting with EB project in our company and need to consult if we do it right and how can we improve”
  2. “We are running a lot of activities on our own but we need to consult some issues with experts”
  3. “We have no EB team in our company so we need somebody to help us set some standards”

How to use that:

  1. Download the example and follow the instruction
  2. Choose the format you going to use (offline/online)
  3. Edit and choose the best questions for your candidates
  4. Produce the version for your candidates
  5. Survey your candidates for at least 4 weeks to gain enough data
  6. Analyze the data and make adequate changes within your process to flourish as an employer

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