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What it is about?

In her TED-style talk Danielle Farage explores the insights into Gen Z values in the workplace and emphasizes the importance of adapting recruitment strategies to attract and retain this generation.

What will you learn?

  • What primary job search platforms are used by Gen Z? What unconventional platforms should be leveraged by employers for employer branding?
  • How to effectively communicate with Gen Z on social media?
  • What innovative recruitment strategies to apply in order to exemplify efforts, engage and retain Gen Z employees?
  • How to create engaging and experiential learning experiences for Gen Z?

Who is hosting this learning?


Danielle Farage, Founder & Speaker at Danielle Farage LLC, USA

Danielle is a speaker, educator and community builder on topics related to the future of work and preparing for the next generation of workers. She is alos a passionate storyteller shaping perspectives in journalism on the future of work/remote work, next generation of talent, and youth marketing.

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TED-style talk: Unlocking the future workforce: strategies for attracting and retaining Gen Z talent
Danielle Farage
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