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What it is about?

In her session, Alexandra from Danone shares insights into the company’s journey of revitalizing its employer brand on social media, specifically focusing on the Polish market. The presentation covers key aspects such as the market overview, employer branding strategy, new approaches and tips, unexpected outcomes, and KPIs.

What will you learn?

  • How did Danone revitalize its employer brand on social media, and what insights can you gain from their transformative process?
  • Why is social media essential in the current digital landscape for showcasing a brand’s personality, values, and employer brand?
  • What unique challenges, opportunities, and strategies did Danone encounter in its social media journey in Poland, as detailed in the case study?
  • Looking to enhance your brand’s presence and engagement on social media? What practical tips and strategies can you learn for maximum impact?

Who is hosting this learning?


Aleksandra Dondziak, Employer Branding Manager, Danone, Poland

Aleksandra is responsible for developing and executing employer branding strategies, revamping Danone’s social media presence, building employee advocacy from scratch and focusing on long-term goals. Her journey to employer branding began from the IT sector, where she developed a strong passion for all things related to technology. According to the DISC methodology, she has a “yellow personality,” which aligns well with this line of work. With her expertise in employer branding, Aleksandra strives to create an inclusive, enthusiastic and engaging workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent.

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Aleksandra Dondziak
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