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What it is about?

The session discusses how Capgemini Poland builds a positive and healthy workplace, emphasizing the importance of employee engagement, appreciation culture, integration initiatives, and employee well-being.

What will you learn?

  • How does Capgemini Poland prioritize and build employee engagement within its workplace?
  • What strategies contribute to fostering an appreciation culture among employees?
  • Can you explore the integration initiatives employed by Capgemini Poland to enhance team cohesion?
  • How does the session highlight the significance of employee well-being in shaping a positive and healthy workplace?

Who is hosting this learning?


Iwona Szramik, Internal Communication & Employer Branding Junior Manager, Capgemini, Poland

Iwona, an expert in internal and external communications, employee engagement, employer branding, and wellbeing, currently spearheads strategic communication activities and internal/external employer branding at Capgemini, Poland. Armed with a degree in Journalism and Social Communication, she continues to expand her knowledge by pursuing a degree in Media Content & Creative Writing.

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