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What it is about?

A panel discussion on employer branding, specifically focusing on the debate between recruitment and retention as priorities in the context of the changing job market dynamics, with an emphasis on the measurement of employer brand effectiveness.

What will you learn?

  • What key metrics play a vital role in measuring employer branding effectiveness, spanning social media engagement, corporate website analytics, software metrics, and diversity numbers?
  • Why is a comprehensive employer branding index crucial for assessing the overall external talent perception of an organization?
  • How does aligning internal culture with external branding impact talent retention, and what role do authentic promises play in this dynamic?
  • In the era of hybrid work, how can recruitment strategies be adapted, with a focus on digital processes for interviews and onboarding? What is the significance of delivering on commitments made during employer branding efforts?

Who is hosting this learning?


Neha Jain, Global Talent Branding Consultant, UST, India

Neha is an employer branding specialist, passionate about getting talent to work in places where they thrive, as it allows both organizations and individuals to thrive. She co-founded a company called True Blue Advisory that created EB solutions for over 5 unicorns and large MNC’s she believes in creating a communication strategy that focuses on allowing companies to talk the language talent understands. Focused on understanding new age branding channels, she blends in a deep understanding of HR and brand strategy.

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Andy Goram, Owner & Lead Consultant at Bizjuicer, UK

Andy makes businesses stickier from the inside out. As the founder of Bizjuicer, his focus is on improving retention, leadership and culture. In a 27 year corporate career he spent much of his time finding the truth that aligned customer, employee and business. He now helps find that connection between what drives the business and what drives the people within it, for others. From articulating purpose and values, facilitating leadership programmes, to bringing it all together with culture change, he’s driven to help people have more fulfilling work lives.

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Prachi Guron, Recruitment Marketing Director at Wipro Limited, India

Prachi is an Employer Branding Director at Wipro, where she leads the global creation and implementation of the employee value proposition (EVP) for the company. With over 17 years of experience in marketing and communications, she has a proven track record of developing and driving strong talent strategies, creating and leveraging compelling content, and enhancing brand perception for global organizations.

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Francisco Gonzalez, Global Head of Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding, PagoNxt, Spain

Francisco is an experienced HR professional with more than 10 years of experience focused on people, digital transformation, cultural change, talent acquisition, development and recruitment, being specialized on digital, technological and marketing profiles. He has created and managed teams from the scratch, having led from 3 to 6 people and being able to work with a wide range of companies, from startups to well-known multinational companies.

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Arti Gangaya, VP, Employer Branding Lead, NatWest, India

Arti Gangaiya, a corporate storyteller is passionate about brand building, campaign management, and communication strategies. She collaborates with various stakeholders to highlight authentic stories to attract, retain and engage top talents.

In her current role at NatWest Group, she takes care of the Talent Attraction- Employer Branding for India. Prior to NatWest, Arti led the Employer Branding charter at Myntra and Branding & Internal Communications for Aptiv Technical Center India.

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