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What it is about?

The panel discussion “AI or Human Design” features several panelists with expertise in AI, HR, and employer branding. The discussion explores the role of AI in shaping employer branding efforts. The participants discuss the impact of AI on tasks such as content creation, data synthesis, and the overall efficiency of employer branding processes.

What will you learn?

  • How does AI impact initial stages of employer branding like content creation, visuals, and strategy development?
  • What historical uses of AI in employer branding, such as chatbots and data synthesis, demonstrate its long-standing presence in the field?
  • How can professionals overcome fears related to AI and view it as an enabler for scalable connections and faster decision-making?
  • What challenges and opportunities arise from the recent democratization of employer branding tools, emphasizing the need for authenticity and creativity in branding efforts?

Who is hosting this learning?


Elle Green, VP of Strategic Partnerships, The Martec, Australia

Elle Green has over 15 years’ experience leading employer branding and talent attraction strategies across almost every industry! With leadership roles at Havas People, PeopleScout, LinkedIn and a stint with workforce intelligence just for fun, she has deep understanding of both the talent and AI space. With a keen eye for what makes talent tick, Elle has crafted and executed strategic employer branding initiatives that captivate top talent and has successfully built employer brands that resonate with diverse talent pools, to create inclusive work environments that stimulate innovation and growth. Leveraging her expertise, Elle is a driving force in shaping the future of employer branding and AI at The Martec, using AI to empower advocacy and personalise talent journeys.

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Simon Buehler, Senior Global Employer Branding Manager, DHL, Germany

Simon is an award-winning employer branding manager (>5 years) with over 10 years of experience in consumer marketing, seamlessly translating marketing strategies into powerful employer branding initiatives. He brings a proven track record of running campaigns that position companies as sought-after talent destinations. He has successfully created impactful employer branding campaigns and pioneered the integration of eSports in the field.

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Adam Gordon, Co-founder of Poetry, UK

Adam has been in recruitment since 1999, originally working in agency and then moving into recruitment marketing and employer branding with Havas People. After 3 years in employee comms consulting at PwC, he built Social Media Search, a talent sourcing company which became part of Norman Broadbent plc in 2012 and after 4 years on the operating board there, in January 2017 he co-founded Candidate.ID, the world’s first marketing automation product for talent acquisition. As CEO, Adam sold Candidate.ID to iCIMS, Inc in March 2022 and will be launching another recruitment marketing tech start-up in late 2023.

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Ben Phillips, Head of Employer Branding, Talent Marketing & People Experience at Happening, UK

By day, an award-winning, hands-on talent marketing and branding leader with deep expertise in digital, content, and social media. With a career spanning talent and consumer marketing, and learning & development, in addition to training in Agile and Design Thinking, Ben loves driving change and transformation that results in positive impact to speed, cost and quality. By night (and sometimes day, also), Ben is a father of two (three if you include the dog [aka ‘my favourite child’]), husband of one, avid road cyclist (aka MAMIL – middle-aged man in lycra 😳), miserable Spurs FC fan and, purveyor of world class dad jokes.

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Barbara Zych, CEO & Founder of EBnavi, Employer Branding Institute, Poland

Barbara is the CEO of the Employer Branding Institute. She has worked for years at the intersection of business and science, implementing acquisition and retention strategies for Fortune 500 companies. She is the author of the platform for employer brand management based on data from over 250 processes, which reduces the HR operational costs by up to 80%.

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Shani Persson, Co-founder of Wonder, Sweden

Shani is one of the co-founders of Wonder. She spent more than 10 years in corporate people functions – driving change, and building culture and experiences for co-workers.

Through a diverse mix of people- and growth competence and design thinking, she now works through Wonder to help companies and individuals create workplaces that accommodate the whole human – mind, body and soul.

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Amanda Halle, HR Consultant, Founder & CEO, Mindful Growth Partners, USA

With 15+ years of experience, Amanda has been privileged to build, operate, consult, and advise over 50 diverse companies, including Google, Warburg Pincus, Jane Technologies, and LifeLabs Learning. She specializes in equipping people and businesses with the skills, processes, and tools to be future-ready, sustainable organizations. Her approach is anchored in fostering transparency, adaptability, and conscious decision-making, ensuring individuals and teams not only navigate but excel amidst change.

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