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What it is about?

Amy Davis, an expert in employee onboarding, elaborates on how to onboard with impact. She emphasizes the importance of first impressions and discusses the cognitive process of imprinting during initial interactions. Effective onboarding reduces turnover costs, and she outlined key elements: pre-boarding, orientation, and on-the-job training. Amy shares practical ideas for immediate implementation, such as manager outreach, welcome videos, and connecting new hires with buddies.

What will you learn?

  • Why first impression is so important in building belief systems?
  • How does onboarding reduce new hire turnover costs?
  • What are the key elements of onboarding?
  • What are the tips for immediate implementation?

Who is hosting this learning?


Amy Davies, CEO, First30, Canada

Amy loves seeing people succeed. It’s the reason she wrote A Spark in the Dark: Illuminating Your Path to a Brilliant Career in a Reorg World and founded First30. First30 enables businesses to wow employees with an engaging and repeatable onboarding experience, and provide meaningful, cost-effective outplacement during layoffs.

She is also the Co-Founder of Voycer, a company focused on employee engagement surveying and research. She is a professional corporate speaker and is currently writing her second book, What Employees Want: Proven Strategies to Attract, Retain and Engage Talent.

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Amy Davies
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