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What it is about?

In this masterclass, the speaker, Jose Luis Pinheiro, presents insights on changing employer branding and winning the next generation. He emphasizes the importance of redefining work schedules, introducing the concept of “Fridays for growth” to improve mental health and productivity. Pinero introduces the Big Brand Theory, highlighting the connection between branding and culture, and explores the correlation between employee experience and customer experience. The session includes a discussion on the Tavistock Institute’s sociotechnical model and presents a periodic table with 12 variables for diagnosing, visualizing, and transforming employer branding.

What will you learn?

  • How does “Fridays for Growth” revolutionize work schedules, contributing to enhanced employee well-being?
  • What insights can you gain from the Big Brand Theory, underscoring the connection between external branding and internal culture?
  • How does the discussion explore the correlation between employee experience and customer experience, paving the way for sustainable business success?

Who is hosting this learning?


Jose Luis Pinheiro, Design Executive Officer, Human Design Doing, Mexico

Jose Luis is the DEO of the Human Design Doing. They focus on the Big Brand Theory: Branding + Culture + Employer Branding + Internal Communication + Employee Experience + Customer Experience.

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Masterclass: How to change your employer branding game: Winning the next generation
Jose Pinheiro
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