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What it is about?

LinkedIn, with over 600 mln of active users is the first and most popular, talent market oriented, social media portal. Leaders of employer brandinguse it successfully to attract their candidates and keep their employees engaged.

What will you learn?

  • What is EVP and what is not?
  • How does EVP address internal and external company priorities and enable a company to succeed?
  • How to approach creating EVP from the global perspective? What are the rules, steps and procedures to follow?
  • How to develop and utilize EVP around a company’s business and establish its  employer brand identity?
  • How to prepare EVP guidelines (tone of voice, look & feel, typography, etc)?

Who is hosting this learning?

Neil Daly, Global Employer Brand Lead, Baker Hughes, UK

Neil has won a number of awards for the use of innovation in talent acquisition and retention, implementing pioneering digital and social media strategies. And this is always based upon the principle of creating and curating an accurate, ambitious and authentic Employee Value Proposition – a foundation for segmentation, targeting and developing the real reasons why people would want to join and develop their careers within your organization.

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Learning summary
How to create and localize a global EVP and overcome some obstacles on the way?
Neil Daly
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