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What it is about?

What incredible value leaders may unlock through investing in employer branding! But to win the support and investment may take weeks, months or even years, as there may be other competing priorities for your company. This can prevent your company from remaining competitive in the talent market. So, let’s take a closer look at how to influence your leadership teams to buy in to your employer branding initiatives.

What will you learn?

  • How to cross-leverage digital and social means with content which provides candidates with clear reasons for joining?
  • How to convince your leadership team that such tools as career website, job ads, CEO and company ratings are worth investing into?
  • How to use virtual info sessions to scale job advertising and make potential candidates apply?
  • How to create a successful employer branding campaign on social media?

Who is hosting this learning?


Brandon Linn, VP, Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing, Social Media & Influencer Marketing, Freedom Mortgage, USA

Brandon Linn is a strategic storyteller through and through. He brings his creativity to developing and activating employer brand and leading recruitment marketing as well as managing social media strategy + influencer marketing at Freedom Mortgage.

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How to convince your leadership team to invest in employer branding?
Brandon Linn
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