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What it is about?

According to Harvard Business Review, employer branding is becoming strategically more important to CEOs, HR and Marketing leaders, with 1/3 looking to build their global employer brand. Successful companies have learned how to strategically integrate employer branding into their talent management strategy. Let’s dive deeper into the aspects and hallmarks to consider on our way to it.


What will you learn?

  • What key factors do we need to consider when creating EVP that really connects to an organization and reflects it DNA?
  • How does storytelling help building employer brand reputation?
  • Why does driving a successful employer brand strategy take a fully integrated cross-functional engagement of all stakeholders?
  • How to get company stakeholders on board? How to do it successfully?

Who is hosting this learning?


Kate Ingram, VP, Global Attraction and Mobility, Statkraft, Norway

In her current role as VP, Global Attraction and Mobility, Kate leads an international team of experts across 3 continents, covering the areas of talent acquisition, employer branding, mobility and early careers programs.  

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How to build a strategic and integrated employer brand that leaders and employees believe in?
Kate Ingram
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