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What it is about?

In her session Barbara Zych, CEO of Employer Brand Institute, explores the evolving employee branding landscape, highlighting the impact of technology like LinkedIn algorithms, nsights into tools such as Heygene and Midjourney are shared, with one of the brand’s case study illustrating successful employer brand transformation based on measuring EVP live through CX/EX automation. The key lesson emphasizes adapting to technology while ensuring consistency and distinctiveness in branding.

What will you learn?

  • How do technological advancements, including LinkedIn algorithms and GPT voice assistance, impact the dynamic nature of employee branding?
  • What tools, such as hygiene for avatar creation and Mid Journey for storytelling, can enhance employee branding effectiveness?
  • What valuable insights can be gained from the case study of Geronimo Martin, a Polish retailer, and their strategic journey to win the Employer Branding Star award?
  • Why is it crucial to adapt to changing technology while maintaining consistency, distinctiveness, and adequacy in employee branding strategies?

Who is hosting this learning?


Barbara Zych, CEO & Founder of EBnavi, Employer Branding Institute, Poland

Barbara is the CEO of the Employer Branding Institute. She has worked for years at the intersection of business and science, implementing acquisition and retention strategies for Fortune 500 companies. She is the author of the platform for employer brand management based on data from over 250 processes, which reduces the HR operational costs by up to 80%.

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Employer brand never sleeps. How to navigate your strategy to catch up with it.
Barbara Zych
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