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What it is about?

The course explores the journey of a consulting agency in Peru and Ecuador called Mambo. The agency faced challenges in attracting and retaining top talent due to its unconventional culture. The course emphasizes Mambo’s core values and purpose, rooted in empathy, as the key to positive transformation. It shares the agency’s approach to addressing challenges, including a unique employee value proposition model with elements like deeper connections, radical flexibility, personal growth, holistic well-being, and shared purpose.

What will you learn?

  • What challenges arise in attracting and retaining talent in a non-traditional workplace like Mambo, which prioritizes values and purpose?
  • How does Mambo cultivate a distinctive culture based on non-negotiable values, challenging the status quo, and fostering a transformation community?
  • Explore Mambo’s use of the employee value proposition model, incorporating deeper connections, radical flexibility, personal growth, holistic well-being, and shared purpose to address talent challenges.
  • What specific initiatives, such as the “12 o’clock meeting” for deeper connections, a four-day work week for radical flexibility, and special programs for holistic well-being, contribute to Mambo’s positive cultural transformation?

Who is hosting this learning?


Ignacio Arenas, Partner, Cultural Transformation Manager, Mambo, Peru

Ignacio Arenas is a Mambo partner and co-founder of Lucha Startup Studio. He is also a Leader of the People & Culture at Mambo.
Ignacio has over 7 years of experience leading commercial and consulting teams focused on people and culture, business strategy and user experience.

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Alejandra Servat Arenas, Coach and Transformation Projects Leader, Mambo, Peru

Alejandra is a coach and leads company transformation projects.

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Case study: How to use empathy to build a powerful coolture
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