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What it is about?

The session is a case study on creating a humanized employer brand through employee advocacy, presented by an HR expert with 20 years of experience at Schneider Electric. The focus is on the importance of a humanized approach, utilizing employees’ personal stories and social media presence to enhance brand awareness, drive business growth, and improve employee engagement.

What will you learn?

  • How can personal stories be leveraged to forge a more authentic connection and humanize your employer brand. Discover how employee advocacy significantly boosts brand awareness, drives business growth, and enhances overall employee engagement.
  • Why does the emphasis on a “humanized” approach highlight the importance of relatability, acknowledging that people connect more with authentic stories than commercial messages?

Who is hosting this learning?


Yasmine Yehia. Employer Brand Manager (MEA region), Schneider Electric, Egypt

Yasmine Yehia is a Regional Employer Branding Senior Manager in Schneider Electric for MEA region. She is an HR expert with 20 years of experience in both multinational & local organizations. Yehia started her employer branding journey back in the days when it was only a function of recruitment marketing in 2003 with unique skills in internal communications, public speaking & digital marketing trends. She is also handling the global ambassador program for Schneider Electric. Certified employer branding expert & personal branding strategist in 2020.

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Case study: How to create a humanized employer brand with employee advocacy
Yasmine Yehia
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