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What it is about?

The course discusses a case study on how to activate an employer brand internally and achieve significant results. The speakers, Charlotte and Thomas from Intuitive, share insights and strategies they employed to turn their focus internally before external recruitment, embedding their employer brand in internal programs and processes.

What will you learn?

  • How does the unique “Wall of Thanks” approach foster engagement and humanize corporate culture through peer nominations?
  • What insights can you gain from the “Culture Quiz” in sustaining internal activation, generating high engagement, and encouraging social media sharing?
  • How have both strategies, the “Wall of Thanks” and “Culture Quiz,” demonstrated sustained high engagement and unexpected adaptability in various corporate settings?
  • How do successful internal activation tactics extend to candidates, using a quiz to communicate company culture and apply the “give and get” philosophy in recruitment?

Who is hosting this learning?


Charlotte Marshall, Director, Global Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing, Intuitive, USA

Charlotte Marshall was named the 2019-2020 Employer Brand Leader of the Year and has successfully built and launched seven Fortune 500 employer brands and is an in-demand speaker. She is the Director of People Branding at Intuitive and the co-author of the best selling book ‘Give & Get’.

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Thomas Tiernan, Recruitment Marketing Lead, Intuitive, USA

Thomas leads recruitment marketing at Intuitive and has 9 years experience working in leading technology companies such as Continental and Dish Networks. He has a deep passion for creative storytelling and is inspired to continue building his knowledge in employer branding.

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Case study: How to activate your employer brand internally and drive impressive business results
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