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What it is about?

During this lesson, the speaker shares a successful case study of implementing the INA Bike Zone at a European oil company. The initiative aimed to promote sustainable commuting, holistic well-being, and a positive employee experience.

What will you learn?

  • How was sustainable commuting and well-being emphasized in this successful EB initiative?
  • What challenges were overcome in certifying an oil company as cycle-friendly and engaging employees in sustainable programs?
  • What measurable impacts resulted from the initiative, including certification results, infrastructure upgrades, and improved team spirit?
  • How did the initiative strategically benefit the company, demonstrating authenticity, supporting well-being, and achieving positive ROI through earned media?

Who is hosting this learning?


Maruška Letica, Employer Branding Expert, INA Grupa, Croatia

Maruška is a certified Employer Branding practitioner and experienced project manager, currently working on designing and implementing creative, efficient & productive employer branding strategies for INA Group companies.
Her background includes employee experience, well-being, benefits, and event management. She sees herself as a “marketing person” in the service of HR and is passionate about finding the best EB solutions for her organization.

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EBstar success story: INA
Maruska Letica
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